ORTEMA GmbH Outpatient Rehabilitation is committed to maintaining and restoring your health. Our facility for outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation near Heilbronn is directly connected to the Orthopedic Clinic Markgröningen. This enables us to work particularly closely with your treating physicians and to adapt your therapy plan extremely precisely to your personal clinical picture. At the same time, you save additional journeys, as you can combine a necessary clinic visit with a therapy session in our practice. If you cannot or do not want to arrive independently, we offer you a driving service within a specified area. 

The concept of ORTEMA GmbH outpatient rehabilitation is based on the cooperation of various specialists who complement each other ideally: We offer you holistic care at the highest professional level. Depending on your individual symptoms, orthopedic rehab can include, for example, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, physical forms of therapy, medical training therapy, individual nutritional advice, kinesio taping and reintegration into sporting or professional activities. Private patients and self-payers can also take advantage of other treatment methods such as chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and injection therapies. We specialize in the treatment of osteoarthritis. 

We also offer patients who are members of the German Pension Insurance an aftercare program to ensure long-term rehab success: IRENA (intensified rehabilitation aftercare) is only possible in approved rehab facilities to ensure that all professional requirements are met will. An IRENA should be started no later than 3 months after orthopedic rehabilitation.

In addition to rehabilitation and aftercare programs, we also offer various prevention courses for your health as part of Medical Fitness. 

Our practice team looks after you with competence, empathy and the greatest commitment. Motivation and guidance are essential for every orthopedic rehab and are very important to us. Our team is continuously trained and guarantees you support based on the latest scientific findings. The modern furnishings of our practice near Heilbronn round off our offer. 

Contact us during the opening times by phone or by email and get to know our diverse range!